jeffree star wedding makeup

Jeffree Star, famous beauty influencer and makeup mogul, recently tied the knot with his partner Nathan Schwandt in a lavish ceremony. The couple’s wedding was a glamorous affair, complete with stunning decorations, designer gowns, and of course, jeffree star wedding makeup over-the-top makeup look.

Stunning Smokey Eyes

For his wedding day, Jeffree opted for a dramatic smokey eye look that perfectly complemented his sparkling gown. The deep, sultry tones of his eyeshadow highlighted his piercing blue eyes and added a touch of mystery to his overall bridal look.

Sparkling Highlight

No Jeffree Star makeup look would be complete without a blinding highlight, and his wedding day makeup was no exception. His cheekbones were dusted with a shimmering gold highlight that caught the light and added a radiant glow to his complexion.

Bold Lip

To balance out his dramatic eye makeup, Jeffree chose a bold lip color that made a statement. His lips were painted in a rich, matte red shade that added a pop of color to his bridal look and drew attention to his flawless makeup application.

Glitter Everywhere

jeffree star wedding makeup

As a lover of all things glitter, Jeffree made sure to incorporate shimmer and sparkle into his wedding day makeup look. Glittery accents were added to his eyeshadow, highlight, and even his hair, creating a stunning and cohesive glam look that wowed guests and fans alike.

Overall, jeffree star wedding makeup was a true reflection of his unique and glamorous style. With smokey eyes, a sparkling highlight, a bold lip, and plenty of glitter, he truly radiated beauty and confidence on his special day. Fans can’t wait to see what other beauty looks Jeffree has in store for future events and appearances.

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